January 16, 2018 in Update

First festival of 2018…

Two chances to see us play this coming weekend – a snug and cosy little (and we do mean little) pub gig at the wonderful Salutation Inn at Ham on Friday, and then on Saturday The Bradford Roots Festival in Bradford on Avon – here’s to a great weekend!

December 21, 2017 in Update

Gigs coming up in January…

Normally January is pretty quiet for us, but 2018 is an exception – a Bristol gig on the 12th, then The Salutation at Ham on the 19th followed by Bradford Roots Festival on the 20th – hope to see lots of you at one or all of them, and in the meantime have a peaceful

November 23, 2017 in Update

Hello to Kevin!

Thanks to the recommendation of Mark Styles, we’re happy to announce that we’ve filled the banjo vacancy left by Mark’s move up to the frozen wastes of the Outer Hebrides with Bristolian Kevin Read – he’s an excellent player with a history of playing in Folk and Bluegrass bands, but he’s a Metal fan as

October 26, 2017 in Update

Goodbye to Mark…

A great gig at Weston’s new live music venue, Electric Banana, last week – nice to play in a purpose-built venue, with good equipment and a guvnor who really cares about live music and is prepared to spend time and money getting it right – more power to your elbow, Terry, and we hope this

September 18, 2017 in Update

In all good newsagents soon…

…with a track from us on the CD! A nice way to finish off the festival season last week at the lovely Beeses Beer Festival, but no time to have a breather, we’re already looking to book up some festivals for 2018 – if there’s any you’d like to see us at, drop us a line

September 1, 2017 in Update

Don’t fall in the river!

A great reception at Frocester Beer Festival last week, and now sadly the last outdoor gig of the year is nearly upon us – we played Beeses Beer and Cider Festival a few years ago, and it was a riot, really good fun – tickets still available from Beeses, and you can even get a

August 21, 2017 in Update

All Hail the Ale!

We really enjoyed Sunrise last weekend, there was a truly lovely atmosphere to the whole thing, and the rain didn’t put anyone off either – it won’t rain for the next one, hopefully, as it might water down the beer a bit… (the horror, the horror…)

August 8, 2017 in Update

The festivals keep coming…

After a well-earned break following Farmfest (another cracker, even if it was a trifle damp), the next outing is nearly upon us – still some tickets left for this one, it’s a lovely looking site in Hereford and we’re looking forward to spending the weekend there…

July 24, 2017 in Update

Yet more festivally goodness…

Another excellent two-festival weekend done and dusted, Festival on the Farm and Priming the Pump were both great fun, and here’s the next outing, and it’s a biggun – Farmfestival Somerset. Tickets probably all gone now, but you might be lucky and snaffle a couple if you hunt around on Facebook etc. See you at

July 16, 2017 in Update

…and Next!

A great gig at Once Upon a Time in the West last week, would have been nice to stick around and enjoy the rest of the weekend, but the next evening we had an hour and a half’s set at Cliveyfest, which also went down well (barring the powercut!) No rest yet though, here’s the