OK, so 2020 isn’t happening…

So, for obvious reasons, we, like everyone else, have had to kiss goodbye to 2020… all the gigs and festivals we had lined up are cancelled, and we can’t even do some recording since of course we can’t all be in the same place. It is what it is, but on a brighter note some of the events we had booked in are rolling over their entire lineup to 2021, so at least we have some gigs in the diary for when this all comes to an end, which it will.
It’s not just bands, audiences and festivals that are losing out though, there are hundreds of grass-roots music venues all over the country that are suffering through no fault of their own due to the current crisis, and to that end we’d like to bring your attention to this splendid digital album that has been put together by the good folks at Glastonbury Calling – a staggeringly long list of local performers (including us of course) have contributed tracks to this, all profits to benefit local venues in Glastonbury – available now to preorder, it’ll come out fully on 12th June.
Please do order one, and help keep the venues we all love alive!

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