Blimey, we won an award!

Very pleased to hear that our album ‘Ticket to Somewhere’ was voted ‘Best Album of 2016 by a local artist’ on Bristol’s BCfm Sunday Rock Show – many thanks to DJ Jon Wisbey for nominating us, and to everyone who voted – it’s really nice to get a bit of recognition occasionally, and local radio is really important when it comes to promoting original live music – keep up the good work, folks!

The first couple of gigs for 2017 have gone off brilliantly, and our new banjoplayer Mark has settled in incredibly quickly – we’re lucky to have such a talented and committed fella onboard. Lots more to come this year, and here’s the poster for Bearded Theory at the end of May – if you haven’t got tickets yet, better pull your finger out, as with a lineup like this they won’t last for ever…

(I must say, I never thought back in the eighties that I’d ever end up sharing a stage with The Fall! – Ian)

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