We’re on Rock & Reel magazine’s Un-Herd CD..!

We’re very pleased to announce that the track “You’re no Criminal” from the latest album “Ticket to Somewhere” has been included on the Un-Herd CD which comes free with the May/June issue of Rock & Reel Magazine – available from all good newsagents (WH Smiths, anyway) for only £4.95!
A rather nice review too, reprinted below…


“So what the hell is Roots Rock anyway? A bit of Folk, a pinch of Punk attitude and a Country arrangement? Maybe some Celtic fiddle and acoustic instrumentation? Or is it something difficult to break down to its constituent parts that you only know when you hear it?
Well, listening to ‘Ticket to Somewhere’ I know I am listening to some quality Roots music. There are echoes of the Waterboys and Oysterband, but all rooted in a defiantly West Country sound.
What makes Billy in the Lowground more accomplished than many other Folk-Rock bands is the quality of the songwriting, the exuberance of the arrangements and the skill and enthusiasm of the playing.
Ruth Behan’s fiddle has a defiantly Irish sound that roots the rest of the band and underpins the Country feel to many of Chris Hibberd’s songs. This is Nashville relocated to the wilds of Somerset and performed with Joe Strummer’s heart and soul.
Don’t get me wrong, Billy in the Lowground are not the future of roots rock. But they are a great band with great songs.
Maybe it will always be more fun being in the band, but the listening comes close second.”

– Peter Tomkins, Rock & Reel magazine

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