Goodbye to Mark…

A great gig at Weston’s new live music venue, Electric Banana, last week – nice to play in a purpose-built venue, with good equipment and a guvnor who really cares about live music and is prepared to spend time and money getting it right – more power to your elbow, Terry, and we hope this excellent club thrives, it’s just what Weston needs.
The evening was slightly tinged with sadness for us though, as it was Mark’s last gig with us on the banjo – he and his wife Bex had always planned to build a house together in the Outer Hebrides, and now that dream is coming true, which would make gigging with us a little difficult..! All the very best to you both, and we hope we’ll see you on the road somewhere in 2018, you’re both stars!
Of course that means there’s a banjo vacancy again, and we’re busily working on filling it… more news soon, hopefully!

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