Rock & Reel magazine

What makes Billy in the Lowground more accomplished than many other Folk-Rock bands is the quality of the songwriting, the exuberance of the arrangements and the skill and enthusiasm of the playing. Ruth Behan’s fiddle has a defiantly Irish sound that roots the rest of the band and underpins theContinue readingRock & Reel magazine

Dancing About Architecture

…the soundtrack of hell raising festival folk tunes, to back room bawling and bar room brawling, of escaping to brighter futures, the familiarity of the world you know or just a damned good night out. If Nashville were in Somerset, Billy In The Lowground would be one of its leadingContinue readingDancing About Architecture

Beese’s Beer Festival

Beese’s has one criterion for picking the headline band: will they get people up and dancing within thirty seconds? Billy in the Lowground passed!

The List

Billy in the Lowground are a loud, energetic and entirely authentic fusion of folk and rock. Proper foot-stomping performances playing with real heart make it hard not to dance. Just try and stand still, we dare you…


Next up were Billy In The Lowground who performed in the Yellow Tent and provided some much needed folk-rock, Levellers-esque dancing fun, every festival could do with more of this kind of vibe!

Venue magazine

…a very tight, rocky band, with only the tattered remnants of Irish and Old Timey fiddle tunes hanging out of the back of it (definitely no classicised folky pretty stuff). It’s old and tough and dirty and rough.

Woolley Festival 2011

The sheer energy and passion that pours from the band is matched only by their musical ability, and the songs themselves are the kind of short infectious pieces that grab you by the throat and demand that you move, without you really noticing. The twin melodies of violin and guitarContinue readingWoolley Festival 2011

Green Man

If the Levellers were moonshine-swigging Appalachian mountain folk instead of Guinness-swilling Brighton crusties, they would probably have sounded a lot like this.

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