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Billy in the Lowground 2012 to 2014

Photos featuring the lineup between 2012 and late 2014.
leaves 7


Various photos of Ian
Keynsham fest 2013


Various photos of Ruth
IMG50104-3528684281-W.jpg keynsham ruth Ruthie 7 20121489_1622271791118203_6432458292047229345_o.jpg Devizes ruth Ruthie 1 IMG50110-3528701010-W.jpg Ruthie 3 Ruthie 8 Ruthie 6


various photos of Chris
Devizes chris


various photos of David
Devizes david

2013 Festivals!

A selection of some of our favourite photos from the 2013 crop of Festivals, mostly taken by Lou Ropner unless otherwise stated

2014 Festivals!

A selection of our favourites from the festival season of 2014 - credits on individual photos but thanks especially to Lou for all her efforts!


various photos of Rob
21366610_1780211085341893_5190454858787170491_o.jpg 11082387_442312762609461_8259867777054724878_o.jpg 20368778_933091806831259_2650069291009282168_o.jpg 20280351_933092053497901_862942798539495168_o.jpg 10911308_442311832609554_9200289662435452855_o.jpg thumb_DSC00579_1024.jpg


various photos of Johnny
11080553_442312275942843_8885214258430992922_o.jpg thumb_DSC00582_1024.jpg thumb_DSC00588_1024.jpg 11080520_442311912609546_51003719678321166_o.jpg 11090845_442312845942786_8703208522398478032_o.jpg

2015 photos

A selection of photos taken by Lou Ropner in July 2015

2015 Festivals!

Some of our highlights of the gigging year - photos credited individually, but special thanks again to Lou for all her work.

2016 Highlights!

Some of our favourites from 2016, all photos individually credited...


Various photos of Mark
DSC06976.jpg FB_IMG_1484172092857.jpg DSC07024.jpg 20615717_478617802516157_6569829549793422538_o.jpg 20287071_933089966831443_6586338299800511668_o.jpg FB_IMG_1484172007322.jpg dsc_0185_33480939302_o.jpg


Various photos of Kevin
36580668_1850893688301452_8381715135835668480_o.jpg 23667511_10214487153630445_70583283_n.jpg 36443423_10156460538609328_5063290727111327744_n.jpg 26855133_10214969240522316_150036486_o.jpg 23667361_10214487105069231_1212284717_n.jpg 23756017_10214487105309237_1234964792_n.jpg

2017 highlights

favourites from 2017, photos individually credited
20545457_478617782516159_1872896758697450740_o.jpg DSC06976.jpg 20121489_1622271791118203_6432458292047229345_o.jpg dsc_0215_33480938152_o.jpg DSC06974.jpg 20116851_10154566979022117_1521178473425798138_o.jpg 20545521_478617822516155_6983894670962595368_o.jpg 20232079_1622273824451333_6709802829842616403_o.jpg 21366610_1780211085341893_5190454858787170491_o.jpg 21427415_1780211848675150_655352337378368054_o.jpg

The Brew Band

Historical photos from the dim and distant past of 'Billy in the Lowground', when they were still called 'the Brew Band'
Brew Band 4

Billy in the Lowground 2002 -2012

Photos featuring the lineup for the first ten years of 'Billy in the Lowground'
Shaftesbury 2010
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