July 24, 2017 in Update

Yet more festivally goodness…

Another excellent two-festival weekend done and dusted, Festival on the Farm and Priming the Pump were both great fun, and here’s the next outing, and it’s a biggun – Farmfestival Somerset. Tickets probably all gone now, but you might be lucky and snaffle a couple if you hunt around on Facebook etc.
See you at 5pm on Saturday!

…here’s the full lineup by stage…

July 16, 2017 in Update

…and Next!

A great gig at Once Upon a Time in the West last week, would have been nice to stick around and enjoy the rest of the weekend, but the next evening we had an hour and a half’s set at Cliveyfest, which also went down well (barring the powercut!)
No rest yet though, here’s the next two gigs, on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd respectively – at Festival on the Farm we’re first on at around 12ish midday, and then the following night at Priming the Pump we’re finishing things off at about 10.30pm onwards…

(and yes, we have noticed that we’re not on the poster for this one..!)

July 10, 2017 in Update


Still a few tickets left for Once Upon A Time In The West Festival, which we’ll be opening up at 7ish on the Thursday night
And on the Friday night we’ve got a nice long set at Cliveyfest, so a busy week in front of us…

July 6, 2017 in Update

July is festival month!

A packed month it is as well – kicking off in fine style with Keynsham Festival last week, then this coming Saturday we’ve got Heddstock – a one-dayer down near Devizes. All the usual info and ticket details on the giglist…

June 8, 2017 in Update

Chilli fest cancelled

Sorry to say that the Upton Cheyney Chilli Festival we were due to play at Bath Racecourse in September has been cancelled – anyone who has already bought tickets will receive a full refund. A real shame, it would have been a great way to round off the Festival year, but on the bright side there are still 10 more on the giglist, starting with Keynsham Festival on Saturday July 1st – full lineup to be released soon…

May 20, 2017 in Update

more festivals than you can shake a stick at!

Very pleased with our festival lineup for this year, our best ever crop! Things kick off next weekend with Bearded Theory and July in particular is going to be very busy – cross your fingers for some decent weather, and hope to see you somewhere in a field soon!

(Details for some of these are sketchy at the moment, we’ll update the giglist with playing times, ticket costs etc. as we find out…)

March 28, 2017 in Update

festival time approaches…

The gigs continue to go extremely well – Many thanks to Richard Clarke for the great photos he took at the Bradford on Avon gig the other week – one shown below, and a couple more in the slider at the top of our site.

Festivals are continuing to come in – first up is Bearded Theory in May, and we’ve just heard that we’ll be playing the opening night of Once Upon a Time in the West, a great little do in the heart of Wiltshire – see poster below…
Later in the year we’ve got Cliveyfest, Heddstock and of course the Upton Cheyney Chilli Festival, and there may be a couple more added to that list – watch this space, and keep checking the giglist and Facebook for further announcements!

March 6, 2017 in Update

Blimey, we won an award!

Very pleased to hear that our album ‘Ticket to Somewhere’ was voted ‘Best Album of 2016 by a local artist’ on Bristol’s BCfm Sunday Rock Show – many thanks to DJ Jon Wisbey for nominating us, and to everyone who voted – it’s really nice to get a bit of recognition occasionally, and local radio is really important when it comes to promoting original live music – keep up the good work, folks!

The first couple of gigs for 2017 have gone off brilliantly, and our new banjoplayer Mark has settled in incredibly quickly – we’re lucky to have such a talented and committed fella onboard. Lots more to come this year, and here’s the poster for Bearded Theory at the end of May – if you haven’t got tickets yet, better pull your finger out, as with a lineup like this they won’t last for ever…

(I must say, I never thought back in the eighties that I’d ever end up sharing a stage with The Fall! – Ian)

January 11, 2017 in Update

New year, new banjoplayer!

Happy 2017 folks – and as John Lennon nearly said, let’s hope it’s a good one, with plenty of beer!

Good news for the New Year is that the banjo vacancy has been filled, and 5-string duties are now in the capable hands of Mark Styles, so we’re back up to full fighting strength once more. Mark has already learnt all the songs on the latest album, so only another hour or so’s worth of material to familiarise himself with and he’ll be ready to unleash on an unsuspecting public at our first gig of the year at the end of February…

(We’d kept January free in case the call came to play Trump’s Inauguration Ball, but the call never came… guess we rehearsed those covers of ‘American Idiot’, ‘End of the World as we Know it’ and ‘Highway to Hell’ for nothing, then…)

Here’s Mark looking very dapper and smart – we’ll soon change that..!

In other news the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed the disappearance of the link to Last.fm over on the right of the site – we’ve long had a whole load of older recordings up there, available for streaming or as free MP3 downloads, but the site now seems to have removed the option for downloading tracks altogether, and instead is offering them for sale through Amazon etc.
This won’t work, as we haven’t given them to Amazon!
(God knows what Last.fm is doing, they seem to be going through some changes, but if it doesn’t sort itself out soon we’ll take the tracks off there and put them up on another free download site…)

November 30, 2016 in Update

calling all banjoplayers!

Sadly it seems we have to say goodbye to Johnny Gould, our banjoplayer for the last couple of years.
He’s been struggling with other commitments for a while now and is having to spend a lot of his time in Denmark for the foreseeable future, which makes rehearsing and gigging well-nigh impossible, so he’s regretfully decided to call it a day. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put in, Johnny, at all the gigs and of course on the last album – you’ll be missed, not only on the banjo but in the vocals department as well!

So… we need a new banjoist, pronto! Ideally, we’re looking for a 5-string player, and it would really help if you can sing as well. If that sounds like you, or you know of someone who might be interested and you think would fit in, please put us in touch!