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The latest up-to-date ones from 2015 are here:

2015 photos

A selection of photos taken by Lou Fitch-Peyton in July 2015

(Thanks to Lou Fitch-Peyton for these shots!)

Older ones from 2012-2014 are here:

Billy in the Lowground 2012 to 2014

Photos featuring the lineup between 2012 and late 2014.
leaves 7

(Thanks to Lou Fitch-Peyton for most of these shots as well, plus other photographers who are credited on individual ones. Thanks also to Justin ‘Pinhole’ Quinnell, John ‘Mad Dog’ McCallister & Mildly Alarming Dave @ Maninahat for allowing us to use their photos in the older albums!)

The next album covers the years 2001-2012:

Billy in the Lowground 2002 -2012

Photos featuring the lineup for the first ten years of 'Billy in the Lowground'
Shaftesbury 2010

And finally the early years, 1991-2001:

The Brew Band

Historical photos from the dim and distant past of 'Billy in the Lowground', when they were still called 'the Brew Band'
Brew Band 4